Is the company a good fit for you too? Interview questions you might want to ask..

Leigh Duke

Interviews aren't just for the benefit of the employer to establish if you're suitable for the role, but also for you to work out if the role and company is also a good fit for you too. We spend a huge amount of time at work so it's important to find a role you will be happy and fulfilled in.

Asking questions also shows you are interested in the position and working for the company. Here are some questions you can ask during the interview. Make a mental note of a few of these to ask during your next interview. Good luck!

1. Why is the position available? What happened to the last person who did the job? 
What are the future plans for the company / position? 
2. Why has the vacancy arisen? 
3. What is staff retention like? 
4. How long has the company been in business? 
5. Who are your main competitors? 
6. What makes you better than them, i.e. the key differentiators? 
7. How will I be judged in this position, i.e. what will be my key performance 
indicators? (often called KPIs) 
8. What training will I be given? 
9. What percentage of time will be spent on a particular activity? 
10. What is the company culture / ethos? 
11. How many employees do they have, how many other offices do they have, UK and 
12. What can you tell me about the people / team I would be working with




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