We understand that starting a new role can feel daunting and we will always ensure you have the information you need before you start. However, we've provided the answers below to a few frequently asked questions. If we've not covered something, please send us an email or phone us on 023 9238 7925 (Hampshire) or 029 2167 4248 (Cardiff).

1. How and when do I get paid?

Provided we have received your correctly signed timesheet by 10.00 on the Monday following the week worked, you will be included in that week’s payroll and receive your wages into your bank account on Friday before 16.30. We will only pay by direct credit transfer to your nominated bank account. We will not, under any circumstances, pay in cash or by cash cheque. 

You will be paid at the hourly rate applicable to the assignment which will have been discussed with you prior to the start. Pay rates may vary from assignment to assignment but will always be higher than the National Minimum Wage applicable at that time. 

You will be paid under PAYE with deductions made for tax and NIC where applicable. In order to ensure that you are on the correct tax code, we will need to have received one of the tax forms P45, starter checklist or P38S (student form). Without a current copy of one of these forms in place, we will have to deduct tax from your wages at basic rate which may mean that you pay more tax than you should.

Any payroll queries will need to be also sent to and be with us by Tuesday 10am to ensure we can amend for Fridays.

Ltd Company Contractors:

You will be paid as LTD Company Contractor and will be required to complete a company invoice by 10.00 Monday. Your invoice must consist of LTD Company Name, Company Registration Number, VAT Number (if applicable), Company Address, Company email address, weekly hours and rate with a total amount due to you.

Umbrella Contractors:

You will be paid as an Umbrella Contractor and will be pay-rolled by our approved and long standing partnering Umbrella Company. You will be contacted direct regarding how this works but our experienced Consultants can talk you through these details upon registration. We will still require correctly signed timesheet to be sent to us by 10.00 on the Monday following the week worked. The umbrella company will also walk you through your holiday entitlement and process.

2. Tell me more about timesheets, what’s the process?

You will be given a weekly timesheet via e-mail.

In some cases timesheets will be sent over directly to us from the client. However, if you are required to complete your own timesheet then this should be completed daily and signed by your supervisor at the end of each week. The timesheet should be completed to the nearest quarter of an hour and the total for the day should not include any time taken for your lunch break. In order for us to process your pay, we must have received your signed timesheet by 10.00 on the following Monday. If you are not able to submit a properly authenticated timesheet, we will, in a timely fashion, conduct further investigations in to the hours claimed by you and the reasons why the timesheet has not been signed in respect of those hours. However, this may delay any payment to you. Some clients use online timesheets held within their intranet – if these apply on assignments that you are in then you will be shown how to complete these by your Supervisor. The timescales for submission for online timesheets are the same as for manual ones i.e., they must be available to us by 10.00 on the following Monday in order to ensure you are included on payroll that week.

3. Am I entitled to holiday pay and if so when does my holiday run from and to?

Holiday year runs from 1st January to 31st December. Like all employees, you are entitled to a statutory number of working days’ holiday per year pro-rata dependant on what work you have carried out through us. The statutory leave entitlement currently stands at 5.6 weeks which is 28 days for full-time workers, in any leave year subject to a maximum of 28 days, the entitlement is pro rata when a full year has not been worked. Amour use the Government website holiday pay calculator to calculate holiday pay and entitlement for agency workers. The reference period for the calculation is the previous 52 weeks of paid work but going no further back than 104 weeks. Where a worker has worked less than 52 weeks the average pay will be used for weeks worked. The holiday pay and leave calculator works out the calendar days worked each week on assignment and the number of hours worked each week to calculate the leave entitlement.

We will provide you with a holiday request form and this will need to be authorised and sent to Without this form we will not process holiday pay as this is your consent to take out of your entitlement.

Ltd Company Contractors:

As a LTD Company Contractor you will not be entitled to Holiday Pay.

4. What if I’m off sick? Will I get paid?

Amour does not currently offer a company sick pay scheme for its temporary staff, but you may be entitled to statutory sick pay. All requests will be dealt with in line with the up-to-date regulations and HMRC guidelines. If you are unable to attend work for any reason please call your consultant 1 hour before your shift starts.

5. What is your covid policy?

Should you unfortunately have any Covid 19 symptoms you must notify the agency and the hirer immediately.  You will then be required to follow the policy of the hirer.

6. What will I need to provide in order to start working?

Before you can begin working for us you will need to provide the following.

- Completed registration process
- Signed Terms of Engagement
- Proof of eligibility to work in the UK
- P45 or starter checklist
- Bank details
- Authorisation to take references
- Any additional client-specific paperwork

7. What is expected of me as a temp?

The most important thing we expect is reliability. You will be given a consultants mobile number in case you need to contact someone before 8:30am, otherwise you should contact the office (Hampshire - 023 9238 7925, Cardiff - 02921 674248). We expect you to be at work on time and to be punctual when returning from lunch or breaks. If you are unable to attend work for any reason please call your consultant 1 hour before your shift starts. Please follow the absence procedures. We also expect professionalism in everything you do – this includes presenting yourself appropriately for the assignment and client with which you are placed.

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