Liam Gooding

Senior Recruitment Consultant - Industrial & Driving Division


Liam Gooding

Senior Recruitment Consultant – Industrial & Driving Division


Liam’s passion is recruiting for industrial and transport industry clients. He has a deep respect for the way manufacturing and logistics professionals operate within a strict regulatory environment, yet they still remain innovative, always looking to improve. He worked for a number of industrial and driving specialist agencies, and when he came to Amour as a highly successful industrial recruitment specialist, he persuaded Max to let him set up our Driving division.

He understands drivers and manufacturing workers; with drivers, it's the often-lonely nature of the work; with industrial workers it's their sheer pragmatism, and the pride they all take in their roles as key workers. This understanding makes him a compassionate and highly effective recruiter in this field.

“Without transport and manufacturing, the country would grind to a halt,” he says, “and at no time has this been more apparent than during the Covid-19 crisis where they remain on the front line.”

Liam’s family Amours are his beautiful daughter Tillie, and his fiancée Stephanie who is expecting a little boy in August.

His college studies in Football coaching and management sprung from his other big Amour: football. He still regularly plays and does a lot of work for a local charity ‘Football for Cancer’, which allows grants to be paid to families affected by cancer, to help for essentials such as utility bills and transport to and from hospital.