Meet the team...

Let’s introduce you to the team behind Amour, the people who absolutely live, breath and love recruitment.  

MD Max says, “This is a business that really wants to serve you. The longer we work together, the more solid we become, and the biggest test we have faced so far has been the Covid-19 lockdown, which has only bonded us together more tightly than ever.”

One big difference with Amour – which clients love – is that we don’t obsess about hitting a set of targets and numbers for themselves. We are allowed to fail, it’s nothing to be afraid of; we see it as a sign we are taking risks to benefit our clients and candidates.

“I know my team lives and breathes Amour, and clients tell me they are drawn to this true passion. They know they can trust us to deliver every time,” Max says.

The company and its divisions are headed by these four inspirational thoroughbred recruiters: